Major Projects



Sheridan Surveying Company management and employees have a vast range of experience and expertise. We have been actively involved in the following projects in field surveying, management, and project planning.


Consumers Energy Company

Jackson, Michigan


Currently performing a wide variety of surveying services for Consumers Energy Company under a contractual agreement. Have been under continuous contract with CE since 1989. Contract updated yearly. In 1996, all property work and construction staking was completed on a 17 mile, 36 gas transmission line in Oakland County.



Ganton Retirement Centers

Jackson, Michigan


Sheridan has worked with this entity performing: Topography Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Condominium Exhibits, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Construction Staking and Layout, and Utility Mapping.

Jackson County

Jackson, Michigan


Currently performing as a Remonumentation Surveyor under contract with Jackson County, responsible for Remonumentation of Government Section Corners under the State Remonumentation Plan.


Sheridan also performs volume surveys for the Water Department to determine amount of materials removed from the lagoons.


Consumers Energy Company

Whiting Power Plant

Erie, Michigan


Currently performing an Ash Pond Closure Survey which began in 2004. Sheridan performed a topographical survey of an Ash Pond, approximately 76 acres in size and created a design surface for the Top of Ash and Protective Cover. Following a closure, Sheridan visits the site and verifies the as-built elevations with the design grid and certifies it is within the acceptable tolerances and reports removed volume and remaining available.


Consumers Power Company

Jackson, Michigan

Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Column Monitoring Survey and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey


Performing high accuracy control surveys to detect horizontal and or vertical movement of building columns. In 2006, Sheridan began the ALTA survey for the sale of the plant. This included additional security clearance tests and training to obtain further clearance on the grounds of the plant.


Consumers Energy Company

Campbell Power Plant

Port Sheldon, Michigan


Sheridan has designed and staked several thousand feet of new tracks in the rail yard of the plant. We have also performed many plan & profiles and topographical surveys for different projects at the plant.