Frequently Asked Questions



Questions with an asterisk * are from publications by the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors.

The statue of the State of Michigan explicitly designates the licensed Professional Surveyor as the only person empowered to apply the principles of mathematics, science, and law to measure and locate property lines for the purpose of preparing and perpetuation maps, plats, and property descriptions.

*Who May Perform a Survey?

Professional Surveyors cannot and do not take away land or give land to anyone. Because property lines are based upon legal records, conflicts sometimes arise when recorded descriptions do not agree with the way the property has actually been occupied. A Line Adjustment Survey may be required.

*Do Surveyors Change Boundaries?

A surveyor requires a legal description of what you want surveyed. With as little information as your name, address, and phone number, the surveyor can assist you in locating the information needed. The Surveyor will then locate the property on the ground, marking the corners with physical monuments. If unforeseen problems are encountered, this may require title research and additional survey work which may effect the cost of the survey.


Will the Surveyor Tell Me What I Own?

Provide the Professional Surveyor with a description, your contact information, and any special instructions (i.e. points on line, etc.) for the service required. Based on the information provided the surveyor will prepare a free written estimate with a list of what will be completed and any drawings or descriptions that will be prepared. The letter will also include an approximate time frame and the deposit required to begin work. Usually, the remainder of the agreed upon fee will be invoiced and sent along with the Certificate of Survey drawing when the survey is completed.


How Do I Get an Estimate?