Major Projects Continued...


800 MHz Hertz Communications System

Radio Tower Sites


Sheridan provided boundary surveys and descriptions, topographic surveys, and layout for approximately 70 sites in the lower peninsula of Michigan. CPCo provided signed property options and Sheridan then conducted land corner and survey records research at the same time as we started the field survey. Certified surveys were prepared with CAD along with the parcel description. Once the site received preliminary approval, we conducted a topographical survey of the site, including any access roads, and prepared a large scale Topo map for the design engineers Solar azimuths were provided for orientation to true north. On several sites, precise latitude, longitude, and elevation were provided for FAA Certifications.


State of Michigan

Lansing, Michigan

Superconducting Super Collider


As subcontractor to Gilbert/Commonwealth Inc., Reading, PA, Sheridan Surveying Company supervised the work of six of our own field crews and six office staff, as well as four other subcontract crews, in performance of all work associated with the following project tasks: Photo control; horizontal and vertical control and monumentation; section corner recovery and re-establishment; boundary line determination and staking; right-of-way alignment and staking; preparation of approximately 400 legal descriptions and drawings.


Consumers Power Company

Jackson, Michigan

26" MCV Fuel Gas Line

Midland Cooperative Venture

Shepherd to Midland Pipeline


This assignment included section breakdowns to establish ties to each section for legal description. Sheridan Surveying Company then provided the initial construction staking for center line and right of way boundaries of the construction area. A profile view of all road, creek and river crossings was also provided for this 26 mile line.


Consumers Power Company

Jackson, Michigan

PSI Line Route


Sheridan Surveying principal James H Miller acted as Survey Project Manager for this proposed 60 mile route, directing activities of six field crews, and coordinating the efforts of two sub-contract firms for acquisition of approximately 180 parcels. Sheridan also performed all work associated with establishing horizontal and vertical control for the project. Horizontal data was referenced to the Michigan State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone. Vertical data was referenced to USGS datum.


City of Battle Creek

Battle Creek, Michigan

Highway and Bridge Survey


Construction staking and property surveys were performed for the construction of a major highway and bridge in south-central Michigan. Highway surveying included cut/fill staking, grading, curb and gutter layout and staking of drainage structures. Services also provided were horizontal alignment, vertical control and construction staking for a major bridge crossing the Kalamazoo River.


The Detroit Edison Company

Detroit, Michigan


765 kV Transmission Line


This assignment included all property surveying required for the fee title acquisition of over 90 miles of a 430-foot wide right-of-way for a 765 kV transmission line.


Second-order horizontal control traverses between National Geodetic Survey triangulation stations were run to establish State Plane Coordinate values on over 700 sections and 1/4-section corners. More than 300 individual property surveys were performed and recorded in accordance with Michigan Public Act No. 132 of 1970. Over 400 section corners were established and recorded in compliance with Michigan Public Act No. 74 of 1970.


Nebraska Public Power District

Columbus, Nebraska

345 kV Transmission Lines


Provided all horizontal and vertical ground control required to photogrammetrically map approximately 300 miles of 345 kV transmission line.


Second-order control traverses utilizing the Nebraska State Plane Coordinate System were performed by laser-equipped electronic survey crews. Vertical control surveys based upon National Geodetic Vertical Datum were provided using automatic leveling equipment. Conducted property surveys involving the recovery and/or re-establishment of all section and 1/4-section corners required to accurately describe easements, as well as structure staking for construction.


U.S. Department of the Navy

Northern Division

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ELF Communication Facilities

Low Frequency Antenna System


This assignment included all control, route and property surveying and centerline staking for 56 miles of the U.S. Navy's Extra Low Frequency submarine communication antenna system located in wilderness areas of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Doppler satellite and inertial geodetic control surveys tied to the Michigan State Plane Coordinate System were utilized to densify the project horizontal control. Conventional differential leveling techniques were used to tie centerline profiles to sea level datum.